Hubs and Handbrakes

Just a couple of hours this weekend. Cleaned up the hob carriers ready for new wheel and fulcrum bearings.

E Type Hub

the one on the left is the before shot…

Then onto the rear brake assemblies.

As you would expect, these are wonderfully simple units – oh wait, this is jaguar, so no they’re not…

the handbrake and rear calliper are effectively one unit, held together by a pair of long pins that are threaded at the top. These pass though an odd spring arrangement, which isn’t really a spring but rather a fork made from steel which depends upon the spring properties of the steel to act like a spring. Going back to my days in the class room I’m surprised we haven’t got any fatigue cracks, i think I’ll replace them anyway..

e type caliper jaguar rear caliper

Lots of WD40 for this job…

The brake calipers themselves are pretty standard. they are a unit design, but the previous design was a casting with two cylinders bolted to it – a link pipe was used to connect the two. In classic British motorcycle tradition, they’ve made a unit design by joining the loose parts but retaining the link pipe rather than making an internal oilway.

In pic one you can see the fork spring arrangement

Stripping the handbrake callipers off we can get to the detail of the internal components


Its a complicated mechanism to adjust for pad wear. I carefully stripped it all down – with lots of photos to aid reassembly


Its the little details that I like. The spring is located at the pad end by its own little pin through the casting – lovely

The handbrake callipers are all stripped now and will be off for zinc plating before re-assembly. The  callipers will be off to Ward Engineering for a refurb.

thats all for now…


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