Bye, bye, baby….

Well its been a while since I’ve posted on here and much has happened, Herman has joined the fleet and, sadly, Poo has now left…

Poo managed a measly 700 miles between MOT’s in the last year, living under her cover in storage just wasn’t a fitting tribute to the car that had brought so much joy to me and my Daughters. So, with a heavy heart, it was time to send her to a new home – somewhere she would be loved and looked after.


The MOT history says it all…. In my defence there are a lot of vehicles in the fleet and only so many hours in a day. Plus I have the inconvenience of a job to go to in order to maintain them all…

A new MOT was the first step and she flew though that, as normal, with just an advisory on headlights, so I bought some new ones and fitted them. The usual issue with fitting new lights in an Elise is that the mounting brackets tend to fall off when you try. Poo, though, was playing nicely and they headlights were changed without issue.


This was followed with a damned good clean and voila,

Poo was ready to hit the classifieds. I’ve tried ebay before and there’s nothing more than a barrage of idiot questions, including but not limited to, will you take a shoe in part exchange, what’s you buy it now price (needs to be under a tenner), what colour is the blue Elise etc…


So, I tried SELOC, the lotus club website and within a couple of days a nice man from Holland emailed (whilst having a schmoke and a pancake no doubt) with some reasonable questions which were duly answered and an offer came back. I decided to take the offer and we arranged to meet at the Ferry port in Newcastle – which was oddly fitting as it was the ferry port in Belfast where I bought her originally.

The money was already in my bank, so handover was an easy enough affair and off went Poo to the wild blue yonder.

In summary, I’d had poo for around 7 years, done around 10,000 miles and sold her for £2K more than I bought her for. If only all cars were like that.

Bye, bye Poo, we had a great time together….



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