A Merry Jerry Christmas

Those that visit here often will know how painfully slow this project is progressing…. I am acutely aware and frequently reminded that its 3 years since The E Type rolled off the trailer, and refused to start, for the first time.

Something needed to be done, and I wasn’t doing it nearly fast enough. I needed a hero to step in. All the way through the build I’ve had constant support and encouragement from the Club Technical Officer, Jerry Preston-Ladd. Jerry has built or substantially improved a number of Challengers and his knowledge and skill are beyond compare in the real world. He’s also rebuilding a steam locomotive, which is no mean feat. If your a lover of this blog, throw a few quid their way as its an expensive old process.

4253 Locomotive

So I called Jerry and asked if he had a slot on his waiting list I could slide Lady Marilyn into. As luck would have it he’d just finished a lovely Challenger and he was only waiting for its owner to collect it.

Piece of cake, I’ll trailer my car down and deliver the other one to its owner.

so, the plans were laid. I’d collect all the bits and bobs together, set off on an expedition to the mysterious land of “The South” and I could once again begin to dream of having a completed car.

All the updates that will follow this point are Jerry’s work, with some help from Gary (a fellow enthusiast) where more hands are required.

Prepare to Marvel at the work that goes into the car now and the rate of progress that outstrips anything I could have dreamed of.

So, Here she is ready for her trip to Chez Jerry

way down

and once down there was the small matter of delivering Roys car, which really is a cracker, but I didnt take a cracking picture of it…


As soon as I got home the updates started flowing….. Read on.



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