When lady Marilyn first rolled off the trailer 3 years ago, and I do mean rolled as the bugger wouldn’t start, the first problem came to light. When I say the first problem, that’s like the first grain of a sand storm.

The reason she wouldn’t start is that the Carbs were buggered. They were full of crud, the diaphragms were all shagged, the floats were all punctured and the AED didn’t work.

Its only the carbs I thought, we’ll be done in a jiffy.

HD8 float bowl

So I cleaned them all up, bought new diaphragm and jet kits and new floats. I then rebuilt them



Heres the thing. I was so focussed on getting them in decent order, and they were in such bad condition that I only fixed what I saw. The engine ran fine when they’d been re installed but I didn’t set them up properly as the engine needed stripping anyway.

Once Obi-Wan Preston-Ladd got his hands on them he diagnosed an Issue that I hadn’t spotted. The butterfly shaft on number one carb had worn the carb body and needed some work.  This was because the existing throttle linkage had been attached to the butterfly spindle on carb number one and the other end of the spindle connected to the throttle shaft that moved the other two carbs.


Above you can see the throttle linkage to the first carb, the other end of the spindle is fastened to the linkage arm which sits under the manifold and operates the other two carbs.


There are a couple of problems with this. slack in the linkage (and there must be some, its a moving part) means that the second two carbs are fractionally behind the first in terms of operation as this first is hard connected to the throttle cable. This is not a good idea and an alternative throttle control system will be designed and made later, firstly though carb one needed repairing. Fixing the problem involved boring the carb body and fitting new bushes to take the slack out.




This was one of the times I realised how lucky I was to have Jerry finish the car for me.

Once the new bushes were in carb number one (closest to the bulkhead) carb 2 was also resealed and carb three was fine – except Jerry found one of the butterfly screws loose. That could have been a problem….


They are all done now and to prevent the same thing happening again, Jerry is making a new linkage to prevent premature wear in the future.

While we’re on this picture, Jerry also made a splash guard yo protect the master cylinders for the new pedal box as well as a new foot well cover. In addition the fluid reservoirs were mounted an a newly manufactured bracket and fixed to the equally new trim panels (shown in the picture behind the reservoirs).

There’s a new trim panel on each side that Jerry has made from ali sheet.




In the picture above the feed lines have been fitted too.



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