A not insurmountable problem

First Job at Jerry’s was to mount the radiator. This is a cracking piece of kit, custom made to my design in China. Now O know what you’re expecting from anything made in China, but I’ve received it and it’s spot on. It was made in less than a week and in my garage two weeks later all for less than the re-core costs of the original radiator – just £300 all in.

E type alloy radiator

Challenger e-type radiator

Check them out and take my recommendation that the product is excellent.


The first job was to mount the new rad, ensure it cleared the bonnet (to out American readers thats the thing that covers the bit with the engine in) Once the correct angle had been established make a couple of mounting brackets and remove for real fitment at a later date.

There will be twin electric fans and a thermostatic controller fitted. These old girls can run hot and I want to be sure the cooling system is up to that one sunny day we get every year…

Next the Engine went in, well when I say went in, was positioned correctly se Jerry could work out what to do with the engine mountings. The car had come with early mountings, but both were broken when I picked her up. I’d got new ones but had never fitted them.

Jerry positioned the engine and checked for lots of known problems. Too low and the carbs catch the steering column, too high and they catch the bonnet. Like the Goldilocks, it had to be just right.

P1040817a (2)

The early mountings, didn’t actually fit. Using the brackets and mountings per how the car was received put masses of stress onto the joints themselves, which is probably why they disintegrated in the first place.

Mounting 1

To try and get them to align a number of spacers were tried…. But it was becoming unmanageable and the angles still were not right.

Mounting 3

Mounting 2

So, the Jerry-Meister cut up the bracket and remade it to suit the more robust later XJ6 mountings. What we ended up with as another work of art that fits properly and maintains the correct position of the engine in the chassis.


Brackets modified and standard mountings used, all is well. The mounting stud is mid hole and the engine – and more importantly Carbs – are at the right height.


NS and OS brackets and mountings in all their glory.


In the picture above you can see a chassis member which has been cut. This was done by the previous owner in order to place the battery at the front of the passenger foot well. This is butchery in my book and this will be properly replaced with new steel and the batter relocated to the correct position at the front of the engine.

e type shassis repair

Above the chassis rail is magically back in place….

Below the modified and repainted engine mountings.


Also pictured above are the re-studded exhaust manifolds. The old studs were removed and although one stud was missing the thread was sound enough to stand a re-cut and the new studs inserted. – proper job.





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