Jockying for position & Gauging success.

When The engine came out for its rebuild I noticed a peculiar problem with the fan belt. It couldn’t come off. Well it could if I cut it, but then a new one wouldn’t go on, perhaps an even bigger problem.


On reflection the only way to change the fan belt was to take the water pump off. What must go on in the mind of a man who thinks that is a good idea? A solution was needed.

It turns out a bespoke solution was needed as the Alternator mounting was also non-standard and an integrated solution would be required.

Jerry located a jockey wheel and went about designing a system by which both the alternator belt and the fan belt could be adjusted within the small amount of space that existed.

What he came up with is a work of art, feast your eyes on this ladies and gentlemen….

The Jockey wheel was stripped down and the shaft cut


The jockey wheel shaft was drilled out to accept a bolt (to one of the water pump mounting points). A new slotted bracket was manufactured that would anchor on the alternator mounting bracket. A couple of spacers where also turned to get everything in the right position.


I trial fit to get the spacing right… This picture also shows the newly re-studed exhaust manifolds complete with new brass nuts. There is something about a set of brass nuts, they just look so right…

Challenger E type engine s1

Then, in a magical form of wizardry, all the parts came together to do this…


More of the pictures….



I find this deeply impressive…. Its also such a shame that once installed this will be almost invisible. However, if you are ever fortunate enough to be run over by Lady Marilyn, please take a good look as it passes over you.

Around the same time work was ongoing to turn the series 2 glove box into a series one item. I don’t know why a series two part came to be on the car, but it did and it wasn’t right. The S1 heater controls are just lovely pieces of kit, that have a real period feel and lots of chrome. I’d already fitted the S1 choke control to the dashboard, Jerry set about modifying the glove box to suit.

Off came the leather cloth to reveal the metalwork…


The S2 switch gear is recessed (its like a pull out lever afair, so this was cut out.


A replacement panel was cut and the lever slots milled into it.


This was tacked into place and a skim of filler applied to true the new surface



All ready to receive the newly acquired brightwork.

e type s1 heater controls

The glove box will now be trimmed in new leather cloth to match the Dashboard.

That onlt leaves the centre panel. This had been butchered to fit a modern day hazard switch. Once the panel was stripped down, the result want pretty.


Note the butchered hole on the far left. This could have been repaired but as the panel needed work and I particularly like the early E center panel, like this one…


Jerry knew someone with the right material and a waterjet company that could cut the part. No brainer, lets get on and do it.

Ah, but if I’m going for a new panel then really I should do something about the gauges…

So I got a set of refurb kits and set about reconditioning a full set of the correct gauges…


The oil pressure face has deteriorated, so I have a new one and will post pictures of the refurbed gauges when installed into the new panel.

The progress continues at a great rate of knots….







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