Hello and Welcome!

Well hello I shout into the emptiness of cyberspace to the countless followers, countless because there aren’t any – and you can’t count something there’s nothing of…

I’m giving this a bash on the off chance that someone, someday, might read this. After all I read almost anything automotive I come across, of course I don’t tell normal people about it, they’d think me strange at best and have me committed in all likely hood.

but why?

some people build magnificent houses, check out grand designs, some toil endlessly to create a garden of wonder, that they seldom enjoy as they spend their waking hours working in it. Some decorate their houses constantly to ensure everything is perfect, contemporary  and better than all their friends.

People like this do have cars I imagine, probably very much a thing to get their garden centre/ B&Q/Laura Ashley purchases back to the place they call home. Their cars, therefore, are utilitarian. something that serves a purpose, but not something in its own right.

I’m different, not entirely as there are others like me, but as I’ve now entered my 50th year and decided that having fun is far more important than conforming to other peoples ideas of what I should be/do/like. Hence my position is as follows:-

old, small farm cottage, big, though not big enough, garage and Trev’s fleet. Trev isnt my real name, one that came about as a motorcycle mad teenager and one I’m sworn to secrecy regarding its origins.

However, my love of all things with engines and a release from the chains of others perceptions allows me to indulge my passion with scant regard for others views on the subject.

Cars and motorcycles are living things, things of great beauty to be gazed at, studied, constantly tinkered with, improved and most of all loved. A house on the other hand is something to sleep in and something to fix only when it breaks. I’ve changed engines to improve cars, taking out engines that worked perfectly well, just not well enough. what the difference between that and replacing wall paper thats perfectly functional??

Sitting in my garage, with a beer, studying the lines of a car, fining exquisite beauty in minor details, much the same as studying fine art, except with a car you get an added dimension and infinity more angles to consider, to drool over.

My garden, well jungle really, has a hair cut every once in a while, only for it to grow back. Gardening is torture, no it really is, water torture is when the relentless monotony of a dripping tap sends people mad. Grass cutting is the same thing, only takes longer.

right enough introduction already, lets get onto the cars and bikes. I’ll introduce them one at a time and we’ll start with Lister.


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