Lister is a landrover, well bits of many landrovers collected in one place and bolted together.

I love landrovers, especially early ones. Bits of Lister go back to 1961, others to the 70’s. Lister is a series 2/3 landrover, 2&1/4 litre petrol pickup. Lister comes from the registration number because when I googled it I found it was the astronomical reference number for a red dwarf. If I need to tell you the link between red dwarf and Lister – go sit on the stupid step.


I’d never had a landrover before Lister, so I did what any normal person would do, I YouTube’d what people could do with their Landys, wow, there is some impressive stuff. So I decided, how hard can it be and went to find some rough ground to practice on.

Actually, its amazingly easy at first. The landy is so capable and can tackle terrain than you think must be impossible, but it does it. there is the ever present mechanical soundtrack or whiring, banging, ticking, grinding and thumping that keeps you informed about what it thinks of what your doing. Then the smell of oil (gear oil mostly) and hot metal beneath you as the transmission radiates its warmth into the cabin, just to let you know its all alive down there.


Its all so very easy, so I tried a little harder and Lister begins to dance, doing that thing that ballerinas do with their feet.


and still Lister carried on. Happy to flatter the amateur at the wheel with her seemingly endless capabilities.


after all the easy stuff you just want more. So, today, we went green laneing.

It all started easily enough, some rough tracks, the occasional rock, some ruts, mud and gradient – but on the whole rather, well, easy.


Confidence grew, we took on a more difficult route. West Cam I believe it is called. There is a notorious bit called the steps, but my navigator – a dedicated rambler (or homosexual as I think of them) – told me we’d hit the steps from the downward direction and they should be a piece of cake. I’m not too sure what kind of cake he had in mind when he constructed that sentence, perhaps the infamous ninja cake of death, but blindly oblivious to the forthcoming peril we carried on.

in truth the downward descent of the steps didn’t happen, instead we ran into this…


Is it a step? or an impasse?

Stirred on and with my motto in mind (ain’t never not made it yet) there were a couple of heroic but ultimately failed attempts to climb the “steps” before a new approach was needed.

Back soon with the details, once I’ve worked out how to upload them…..